Apple Digital Masters by A1 Mastering

Introducing Apple Digital Masters


An Apple Digital Master is a mastered version of your mix that has been mastered and quality-tested for publication in iTunes and Apple Music. It lets your listeners hear your music uncompressed and exactly the way it sounds in the Mastering studio before export, eliminating clipping and inter-sample peaks. This means your listeners will be able to stream and download your songs at the absolute highest quality possible on Apple Music and iTunes. Not only will your songs sound great, but you will also receive the "Apple Digital Masters" badge (seen above) in Apple Music and iTunes, which makes your music stand out by letting the world know that they will be streaming the Highest possible quality copy of your record.


A1 Mastering is a Certified Apple Digital Masters Mastering House, Approved by Apple Inc.




Not just any song can be qualified for Apple Digital Masters; your recordings must be in at least 24-bit uncompressed audio format, such as 24-bit 96kHz sample rate in WAV format, you can not upconvert a lower bit rate and sample rate; if you do, iTunes will automatically dismiss your submission. So if your song is already completed and doesn't meet the requirements, you will have to go with our Industry-standard Mastering, which will also give you a great result. If you haven't started recording and want to have your song(s) Mastered for iTunes, then you will need to be using an audio interface and DAW that supports at least 24-bit 96kHz sample rate Recording.

What do I get?


When ordering Apple Digital Masters for your project. You will receive an Apple Digital Masters WAV file and a special mp4 file for distribution to Apple Music and iTunes. You will also receive an Industry Standard WAV file as well for distribution elsewhere.


Note: A1 Mastering does not upload your Apple Digital Masters to iTunes. You will need to use an Approved Encoding House such as CDBaby and Tunecore

Apple Digital Masters FAQ

  • Can I upload an Apple Digital Masters file to other services besides Apple Music?

Yes, your Apple Digital Masters WAV file can be uploaded to other streaming services besides Apple Music, however, you may not receive all of the features as you would on Apple Music. It's recommended to use the included Industry Standard WAV file instead.​